Our History

History of the New Mexico Association of Non-public Schools (NMANS)

NMANS was founded in 1975 as a non-profit organization to foster professional relationships with private and public schools in our state as we all share the responsibility to provide a quality education for all children in New Mexico.  In doing so, NMANS seeks to promote and defend our rights of diversity in education, parental school choice and access to educational opportunities for all New Mexico K-12 students.

NMANS is directed by a volunteer board of trustees who oversee the annual events and affairs of the association.  Each board member is a current or former private school administrator in our state and combined they bring years of private school leadership experience to the association.   Annual events include teacher-administrative conferences, regional workshops, lobbying efforts, school-to-school communication, and statewide communication via emails and newsletters.  

The day-to-day operations of the association is led by the State Director for NMANS, who carries out many of the mission objections of the association.  This is accomplished through member recruitment, statewide networking, oversight of newsletters and the website, etc.  Each year our State Director travels over 7,000 miles around New Mexico to visit schools, provide site-based consulting, organizing conferences and workshops – and more.  

NMANS currently has an annual budget around $23,000 – which is raised via membership, revenues from conferences, corporate sponsors and on occasion s mall grants which help fund the mission of the association.  

Our Mission:

To be an advocate for all children attending non-public schools in New Mexico. Our purpose is to assist students by receiving the benefits of diversity, free choice, and excellence in education through collaboration and communication.