How to contact your State Representatives

One of the impactful ways your school can make your voice heard in Santa Fe or Washington is by directly contacting your elected officials.  This can be done through personal visits to the capital, or locally when your representative is not in session.  Other means include personal letters, emails, and phone calls – or by attending rallies held at the capital during annual legislative sessions which convene in January.

NMANS suggests following these guidelines when contacting your elected officials:
  1. Be polite and professional in your approach or correspondence
  2. Be clear and direct, make sure your point is well made and easy to understand.  Our elected officials often receive many calls, notes and letters – by making your letter clear and professional the chances of a response or a full reading is greatly enhanced.
  3. Follow up and thank your elected officials for their time and attention to your concern or idea.  
  4. The goal is not to pressure or threaten, rather to convince and persuade.  
  5. Encourage others to do the same, there is always strength in numbers.  
How do I contact my State Representative, Senator or the Governor?
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